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This graphic art quietly obliterates conventional thinking patterns.

It combines painstaking minimalism with the concussive force of visual pun to bend the narrative and flip the script.



 At the intersection of visual communication and Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

While serving a life sentence in Corporate America, Properganda engineered a daring escape. By weaponizing his imagination and the techniques of mass media, he subverted his captors and seized his freedom.

Now a fugitive, he shares pieces of that freedom with everyone he can. Through wearable and shareable art, he intends to provoke enough critical thought to dislodge our everyday assumptions and compulsions. Big changes in the world start with small shifts in the heart and mind.

Each piece here was crafted for the armchair activists- those who see through the obvious and question the status quo. If the message moves you, if it hits home, pay it forward- wear it or share it.